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Pampered Pooch Bakery & Salon is the oldest grooming salon in Altoona. We are managed by only caring animal lovers. We are not the fanciest of facilities, but it would be hard to find a salon where your dog will be taken care of with any more love. 

We take the time to work with each puppy or dog. If you are looking for a shop that will have a stop watch for when your dog arrives and when they are ready - we are not the grooming shop for you. The grooming process can be a very scary process for a dog. You have to deal with a bath, a loud dryer and then someone who is trying to get them to stand still while noisy equipment is going all over their body. Who wouldn't be nervous? We always try to work with your schedule but our customers - the furry ones - don't always cooperate. We pay attention to the dogs' stress level, anxiety or fear. We will take many breaks with any dog that is having a hard time with the grooming process.

Our grooming team all understand dogs and have a vast knowledge of their behavior. Our goal is always to get your dog or puppy to learn to trust us and get them comfortable with being handled and groomed.


Grooming packages include puppy packages (for the young dog that just needs their face trimmed and feet clipped), bath & blow-outs, as well as full service grooming.


Our Basic Package includes bath, anal gland expression, private area cleaned, nails trimmed, ears cleaned and full body haircut. Depending on the size and breed of your dog, this package starts at $39. Extra matting charges may be applied if your dog is one that doesn't like to be brushed.


The Pampered Pooch Package includes all of the above, but includes teeth brushing and a facial mud pack. These packages start at $47 and depend on the size of your dog.

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