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"The Dog Did It" Sign - Red

"The Dog Did It" Sign - Red

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This product comes from a small company of 25 employees in Eau Claire, Winsconsin. Every piece is made to order, they do not warehouse products to simply pull off the shelf. When an order is received, they build each item from beginning to end - raw lumber to finished product.

Expect knots, variances in color, finish, and wood; allow for slight imperfections as wood is imperfect by its nature and adds to the character of each and every piece. These beautiful, solid pine signs are meant to last and be used forever!

The sign company is a 'green' manufacturer! All lumber that they use is provided by high quality sawmills who follow GREEN forestry initiatives. The company itself is a green company—from the lumber they use to the water-based paints that they finish with. They recycle the scrap and take care of all disposal of waste to recycle as much as possible!

  • Size

    10" x 3 1/2"

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